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New product for Mitsubishi EVO X

We are manufactered a new turbo shield for Mitsubishi EVO X stock turbo.

Hight quality product easy to fit.

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cool race exaust wrap

Exhaust wrap is made for the highest quality chemically treaded fibreglass silica fabric that provides heat resistance up to 1300° C.
CoolRace exhaust wrap contains the hotter exhaust and header gases, decreases the density of the gas, and allows the exhaust gases to exit the system faster.
Increases more horsepower!

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cool race Tube shields

Heat shield barrier for air, petrol, oil pipes and electric wiring. Reflects radiant heat away, protecting components. Available in various forms, easy to use, sealable with clips, 45 degree & 90 degree curve.

Custom made products available.

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High quality Mufler packing materials by

High quality Mufler packing materials by
(Cars , Bikes , Scoters , Boats.)
Sound absorbtion and heat barier for your mufler.
Easy to fit !!!
Difretnt sizes aviable :
1000mm x 400mm.
1000mm x 500mm.
1000mm x 600mm.




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COOL RACE Ltd. is a company that started operations in the field of thermal insulation, production of thermal insulation materials for street & sports cars and industrial objects. The materials are very high quality, with heat resistance up to 1300 ° C. The product line includes: Heat-resistant ribbon, Manifold wrapping, Turbo shields, Pipe shields, Heat resistant fabric with aluminium coating. During our years in this business we have successfully started cooperation with sales in Latvia, Russia and England.

Chemically processing high SiO2 glass fibre has created a whole new generation of heat-resistant materials. More recently, these materials have been used for aviation and aerospace only, but now they are used in various industries which require very high temperature (up to 1300 ° C) - bearing materials.

In practice, these materials serve as substitutes for asbestos; they differ in low heat conduction, are chemically resistant to water, high pressure steam, weak alkaline solutions, organic and inorganic acids (except hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid).

Decline in raw material at a temperature of 1000 ° C is 12%.Thermoprocesed fabrics (LA) contraction, depending on the treatment the regime is <7% or <3%.

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